ROC Compliances

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ROC Compliances

Every company incorporated in India should comply with the Government rules and regulations once incorporated; a private company is has to comply with various laws and provisions below the companies Act 2013 and rules created under it. Registrar of Companies is the authority that deals with administration of Company Act, 2013 and it is under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The companies incorporated under the company Act, 2013 have to file various forms, returns and documents with the Registrar of Company (ROC). To avoid penalties and fines, it is necessary to fulfill all compliances. Registration of company is done through Aggarwals & Associates in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and other cities and it takes around 30-40 days.

Aggarwals & Associates ROC package includes:-

  • Compliance by Director
  • Board Report
  • Annual Report
  • Statutory Registers Updates
  • Drafting of notices
  • Annual Filing and its documentations (AOC-4, MGT-7)
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