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Intellectual property rights are intangible assets which are granted to a person or a company for conception of an idea which results into a new invention of a product, literary or artistic work, designs and symbols (company logos) etc. These are monopolistic rights which are issued by the government to an inventor for limited period so that the inventor can extract financial benefits from his/her invention.

Our economy today is a knowledge based economy, where ideas and innovations are key drivers for a successful company. The value of a company is defined by the number of Intellectual property rights which the company holds, for even a start-up entrepreneur who is looking for venture capital funding, having patents of intellectual property rights plays vital role in the growth of business.

Intellectual property rights have become an indispensible part of a company. Today, United States holds the maximum number of IP rights both in terms of registration and value. United States intellectual property rights are worth 5 trillion dollars twice the size of the Indian economy.

A paradigm shift is beginning to occur in India too where Indian people and companies are investing more in R&D and thus registering of patents, copyrights, trademarks and industrial designs have substantially gone up in the past decade.

We at Aggarwals & Associates believe in keeping up with the contemporary trend and have braced ourselves with the best Intellectual Property Rights services, research and advisory team. Our team of Best Lawyer across Chandigarh provides in depth advice and assistance on Intellectual Property Rights matters. We have a dedicated team of researchers and litigation experts exclusively practicing in Intellectual Property Rights matters.

Intellectual Property Rights is an umbrella term. We, Aggarwals & Associates provide services for the following matters:-

Our team assists and advises the clients in the following matters –

  • Intellectual Property Rights registration and licensing.
  • Intellectual Property Rights infringement analysis and infringement prosecution including infringement research.
  • Intellectual Property Rights and royalties.
  • Source code escrow IP issues.
  • Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and IP related royalty issues.
  • Third party rights and liabilities in IP disputes.
  • Liabilities and indemnities for use and misuse of copyright content.
  • Maintenance and support service.
  • Restricting use of content after termination of royalty period.
  • Negotiating IP-distribution, IP-development, and IP-certification and franchise agreements on behalf of corporate, institutional and individual clients.
  • Managing international Intellectual Property Rights issues and engaging domestic counsel in foreign jurisdictions like USA and Canada according to client’s requirement.

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