One Person Company Registration

Ideal for entrepreneur who have alone started a venture
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What is One Person Company Registration?

A single person or member company is called as a One Person Company. It is a company which is classified as Private Company for all legal purposes. There has been a great impact on nation’s development and economy due to One Person Company. Many opportunities are being provided to young, creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in making one person company. As per Company Act, 201, One Person Company can only be incorporated by Naturally –Born Indian who is also resident of India.

It is also worth mentioning that a person cannot form more than five one person companies at the same time. Once the turnover of one person Company increases Rs. 2 Crore then it must be converted into Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company within six months.

Why a person should prefer OPC?

  • OPC is preferred as there is no third party hindrance.
  • A nominee is required to be mentioned while registering for an OPC as it doesn’t support perpetual succession.
  • OPC is easy to set up and maintain as it requires less paper work.
  • OPC’s minimum investment shall be around RS. 1,00,000/-
  • OPC have many privileges and exemptions from the Company Act 2013.

One Person Company registration in Chandigarh through Aggarwals & Associates

One Person Company is registered under Company Act; 2013.Clients can easily rely on Aggarwals & Associates in Chandigarh for one person company registration. Our experts can guide the clients in providing all the information required for OPC registration in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and other cities. It takes around 10-20 days for getting its registration done.

Aggarwals & Associates One Person Company Registration Package includes:

  • Din for 1 Director
  • DSC for 1 Director
  • Name and search approval
  • Registration Department fees
  • Bank Opening Support(optional)
  • Company PAN and TAN Card