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Mindfulness about their privileges is at a record-breaking among the customers. Whenever you buy any product or avail services from a business, you consent to their terms and conditions. Hence, that business organization has an obligation to guarantee that products or services are good, conform to standard guidelines, and are sold as depicted. In the event that you have availed the service or purchased a product that has not met your prerequisites, and you found any deficiency, then being a consumer you have rights and you can protect them by initiating your first legal course of action i.e. filing a complaint before the consumer forum.
On the off chance that a business entity refused to fix your grievance relating to the product or service then you can resort to the advice of a consumer lawyer near me for proper legal guidance. It is only a consumer protection attorney in high court Chandigarh who can provide you possible alternatives to achieve a fast resolution to your hardships.

How to file a complaint with the help of a Consumer Protection Lawyer in Chandigarh?

There are some grounds enshrined under the consumer law on the basis of which a consumer can file a complaint before the appropriate forum. These grounds include an unfair contract, excess price of goods and services, defective goods, deficiency in services, or hazardous goods or services. A consumer complaint can be filed against the manufacturer of the product, seller, or service provider. Interestingly, a consumer complaint could be filed by a single customer, group of customers having similar interest, any registered association dealing with consumer rights, Central or State Govt., legal heirs of the consumers. Just in case, a minor is a consumer, then parents or guardians of such minor can file a complaint.

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The Consumer Protection Act sets three kinds of consumer courts i.e. District Forum for each district, State Commission for each state, and one National Commission. The first step before filing a complaint is to determine the territorial and pecuniary jurisdiction of the complaint. To exemplify, a complaint involving a claim below 1 crore is to be filed before District Forum, and where the cost of goods or services is above 1 crore but not exceed 10 crores then the complaint is required to be filed before State Commission. Similarly, where the claim is above 10 crores then the National Commission has jurisdiction to entertain such complaints.

How Consumer Protection Attorney in Chandigarh can defend your rights?

With our profoundly experienced Consumer Protection Lawyers in Chandigarh, we are undeniably positioned to convey positive outcomes in situations where consumer laws are needed to be implemented. Our team of best advocates in consumer protection laws has the potential to deliver concentrated legal services in this specialized field. We bestowed exhaustive consumer law services including consultation, advisory, and representation before consumer forums. Besides this, we assist businesses in drafting contracts with end clients to limit exposure to the consumer laws.

Regardless of complications in your cases, our team of Consumer Protection Lawyers in Chandigarh can direct you in the right direction, and is devoted to accomplishing the best results for you. It is beyond doubt that lawyers can’t be replaced with any app or software, so, whenever you are confronting any consumer rights issue, you may need legal advice as well as assistance from the consumer protection attorney near me.

Why people choose us as Consumer Protection Lawyers in Chandigarh?

We, Aggarwals & Associates being the most experienced consumer protection lawyers assist clients in diverse consumer protection matters. Our team of best advocates helps clients in sending legal notices as consumers, representing clients before consumer courts, and enlightens corporate clients for compliance of their terms and conditions with the governing consumer laws. Despite this, we also contest their cases before the consume forums. Our team of Consumer Protection Attorneys in Chandigarh follows professional ethics, and the principle of honesty and transparency, therefore, mostly opted by the clients whenever they face any legal troubles.


Who can be called a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act?

Any individual who buys any goods or avails any services in exchange of some money is called to be a consumer. An individual who uses such goods or avails services with the approval of the purchaser is also falls under the category of consumer. It might be relevant to note here that the purchaser of goods with deferred payment can also be treated as a consumer. However, any individual who purchases goods or avails services for a commercial purpose is not a consumer.

Can I file an appeal against an order of the consumer forum by hiring the Consumer Protection Lawyers in Chandigarh?

Yes, if you are aggrieved of the order passed by the District forum, then you can file an appeal before the State Commission, and on the off chance that State Commission has junked your plea then you can move to the National Commission. Likewise, if National Commission has brushed off your complaint, you can knock the door of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Simply, you can seek legal advice from the Consumer Protection Lawyers in Chandigarh to get the best possible relief.

How to file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act?

The procedure involves in setting legal machinery in force under Consumer Protection Act is not much complex. Even the complaint can be filed on plain paper. It must contain the details of the complainant and the opposite party.   Further, you need to pay the prescribed fee along with the complaint, which will be a nominal fee according to your claim.  You can file your complaint under the Consumer Protection Act with the aid of Consumer Protection Lawyers in Chandigarh.

What details do I need to submit for filing a complaint?

First step to initiate a legal process in case of consumer matters is to file a complaint. There are some important contents which must be mentioned in the complaint. These incorporate the name and address of the complaint as well as of the opposite party or parties, date of purchase of goods or services, amount paid for the goods or services, details of goods or services, and relief etc.

Can a fee for filing a complaint be waived off?

Certainly, it can be waived subject to certain circumstances. To exemplify, if the complainant is below the poverty line then he/she is entitled for exemption from fees for complaints up to 1 lac rupee. However, such a person needs to present a valid document like Antyodaya Anna Yojana Card for an exemption from the fee.

Is there any limitation for filing a complaint before the consumer forum?

Of course, there is a limitation of two years for filing a complaint. You can file a complaint before the consumer court with the span of 2 years from the date on which the cause of action has arisen. Nonetheless, a complaint may be entertained after the said period on the satisfaction of the court that the complainant has sufficient cause for not filing the complaint within such period.

What remedies can I expect on filing a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act?

You can avail the ideal remedies under the Consumer Protection Act with the assistance of a Consumer Protection Lawyer in Chandigarh. Consumer courts not only dispose of the cases swiftly but also provide appropriate remedies to the consumers. These remedies include the replacement of good, removal of defects; refund of the price paid, removal of deficiencies, compensation in case of any injury, and ceases the manufacturing of hazardous goods and so on.