Adoption: Legal Advice and Legal Experts


Adoption is the legal act of permanently placing a child with a parent or parents other than the biological parents. Any person who is mentally, physically and financially sound can adopt a child. The eligibility for adopting a child is very well explained under different legislation.

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Every kind of adoption is further classified into two kind i.e. adoption from the orphanage and adoption from relatives.

In-country Adoption: When the adoptive parents reside in the country where the child and biological parents of adoptive parents habitually reside, that form of adoption is known as in-country adoption or domestic adoption.

Inter-country Adoption: When the adoptive parents reside in a country other than the country where the child and biological parents of the adoptive child habitually resides, that form of adoption is known as Inter-country adoption.

Foster Care Adoption: Foster Care means sending of a child to a family who is willing to take care of that child in terms of education, health and other aspects which is important for the effective growth of the child. The child whose parents are not able to take care of their child due to illness or any other reason or one of the parent is in jail those parents can give their child in foster so that the child can enjoy his childhood in the family environment and can also helps in building the carrier of child.


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You may need an adoption lawyer if you are facing the following situations:

  • you want to adopt a child
  • You want to register yourself on Cara
  • You want to know the proper procedure od Inter-Country Adoption
  • You want to prepare the documents adoption file
  • you want to adopt a child from your relatives.
  • you are facing issue in passport issurance, renewal or visa application.