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Aggarwals & Associates being top-notch Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh are dedicated to protecting your legal rights in criminal cases. It is germane for a person accused of a criminal case to hire an experienced Criminal Lawyer who can provide proper legal guidance to comprehend the complexities engaged in the case. Our expert team of Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh is committed to defending your case effectively in a speedy way and makes you ensure a higher chance of positive outcome. Aggarwals & Associates is a full-fledged service law firm providing legal services in many diverse fields and are available 24×7 so that people can find their solutions in less time.


A Snapshot of Our Services:

We formed our company at the foundation of superlative legal practices and the main aim of our work is to provide efficiency on a strong client-based focus system. The firm’s partners and associates across India provide legal advice and expertise in wide areas of law. Our Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh help clients to defend their rights at each stage of criminal cases such as anticipatory bail, regular bail, appeal and quashing of FIR and other criminal proceedings, etc. The firm’s founder and Managing Partner Mr. Ashish Aggarwal is the head of the litigation team. We Aggarwals & Associates perpetrate to provide services in various legal matters such as civil, criminal, family, NRI legal services, banking and finance, intellectual property rights, real estate, corporate, and many more.

If you are wishing of consulting a criminal lawyer immediately, then we are at the paramount of it. We are one of the top Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh and we are only trying to be better. Our top Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh only charge the minimum from clients. With 14 years + experience Aggarwals & Associates is the place you should turn to when your loved ones are accused of a crime.

Criminal lawyer services

Our Practice Areas

In today’s competitive world, adhering to all the legal compliances create a difference between success and failure. We Aggarwals & Associates believe in expanding the areas of practice so as to cater the needs of prospective clients. Additional practice areas can be a boon for improving client experience. We offer services in diverse legal fields such as civil, criminal, family, NRI legal services, banking and finance, intellectual property rights, real estate, environmental health safety, media law, and many more. Our strategies in every case are unique and tailored to the needs of clients. The sole aim of the firm is to help our clients to reach their goals. We provide high quality and useful advice to all the clients driven by years of experience. 

We as top Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh represent so many clients including multinational companies, banks, and financial institutions, non-profit organizations, real estate firms etc. before the Honble Supreme Court of India, Punjab and Haryana High Court, and other concerned district courts and tribunals.

Criminal Litigation

Aggarwals & Associates is a full fledged law firm having best team of Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh to protect your legal rights in criminal cases. We are obligated to provide high quality and useful advice to our client, which is entirely driven by expertise and vast experience of our lawyers.
Aggarwals & Associates represents multitude clients including multinational companies, public sector undertakings, banks, real estate firms, educational institutions and individual clients in diverse type of litigation.
The firm’s founder and Managing Partner Mr. Ashish Aggarwal is the head of litigation team. Under the tutelage of his great leadership the firm aspires to build long term relationship with its clients.
We have ability to logically analysis your case from every single angle so that we can bestow you with affirmative output according to your needs. Our strategies in each case are formed with unique approach to help the clients to reach their goals.

Criminal lawyer services

Our Vision

We Aggarwals & Associates are obligated to deal with clients with utmost sincerity, keeping the client’s interest paramount. Our team of Criminal Advocates in Chandigarh is very polished and experienced and has the ability to logically analyze the case from every angle to get a positive result. The firm strongly believes in professional ethics in the attorney-client relationship and maintains a higher standard of confidentiality and morality.

Why Choose Aggarwals & Associates as your Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh?

  1. Highly experienced
    We offer a perfect blend of youth and experience which provide careful representation and advocacy. We have vast experience in handling criminal cases such as criminal appeals, anticipatory bails, criminal revisions, regular bails, criminal writs, violations under the NDPS Act, quashing of PO proceedings, quashing of FIR, and many more. We provide tailored and flexible solutions to all our clients regarding any kind of criminal cases.
  1. Global and transparent
    Our attorneys are working with clients overseas and we are doing pretty well in the field. We are trying to understand the ethics and culture of various groups of people for supporting business worldwide. We are striving to make our clients competitive through our affordable and cost-efficient solutions. We use methods and strategies with an expert legal solution.
  1. Honest advice and fair representation
  2. We believe in guiding the clients with honest advice in their cases rather than to misguide them by making false promises. By adopting a virtuous attitude we are keen to perform our duty of fair representation towards our clients.

  1. Strategic approach
    We have been able to give phenomenal results by following the distinctive ideas of all our clients and solving their complex problems easily. We come up with a strategic approach every time.
    We have a committed team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields for providing litigation and support with expert opinions to clients.


How Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh can help you?

Although individuals have right to present their case before court of law but hiring a suitable lawyer can assist you to eliminate any hurdles in your litigation. It is a criminal lawyer who can fight your case by defending your favour efficaciously as well protecting your legal rights.

How can I give information to police about any crime?

You can inform police about commission of any crime by making call or in person. Even a call to emergency helpline 100 can be treated as information for the purpose of registering a case.

Is there any remedy available in case police refuses to register a FIR?

Yes, remedy lies under Section 154 (3) of Cr.P.C. If officer incharge of concerned police station refuses to register a FIR then you can approach the Superintendent of Police of your locality by filing written representation.

What to do if both denies for registering a case?

If local police station as well Superintendent of Police has failed to take any action against accused persons then you can approach Magistrate under Section 156 (3) of Cr.P.C. to seek directions to the police to investigate the matter. However, you can’t directly move to the Magistrate under Section 156 (3) of Cr.P.C. without approaching local police station and Superintendent of Police.

Can I move to High Court for registering a FIR?

Yes, you can approach High Court of concerned jurisdiction by filing writ petition or direction under Section 482 of Cr.P.C. to seek directions for police officials of concerned police station to register a FIR. Howbeit, this remedy is a last resort as this can be used when all the other effective remedies have failed to work. We, Aggarwals & Associates being Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh also heads our work in filing writ petition and direction petition under Section 482 of Cr.P.C.

Can I knock the door of High Court to quash my criminal case and its proceedings?

Yes, High Court can quash FIR or complaint and criminal proceedings by using its inherent powers under Section 482 of Cr.P.C. if the same are found to be false and abuse of legal process. In case High Court junked your petition for quashing then you can move to the Hon’ble Supreme Court by filing Special Leave Petition (SLP) under Article 136 of the Indian Constitution. We Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh are here to assist you in your criminal matters.

What is difference between anticipatory bail and regular bail?

The basic distinction between both is that regular bail is applied after the arrest of the accused whereas anticipatory bail is applied before arrest in case where person has anticipation of arrest. By granting regular bail person got released from the police custody on the flipside, anticipatory bail become effective at the very moment of the arrest.

Is court can cancel my bail?

Cancellation of bail depends upon the discretion of the court. If person violates any of the conditions which are imposed while granting bail then court reserves the right to cancel bail of such person.

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