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Are you confronting issues like wrongful termination from employment, discrimination at workplace, and one sided employment bonds? If yes, then you must seek the legal advice of Labour Law Lawyers in Chandigarh. We understand the trauma of illegal termination, harassment at the workplace, and denial of employment benefits to any employee at any workplace. Labour Law Attorneys in Chandigarh provides best-fit solutions to their clients by enlightening them to effective access to court remedies in case of violation of labour laws by their employers. Equally, our team of Labour Attorney in High Court Chandigarh assists diverse businesses to make their employment policies in compliance with the existing labour law enactments.


A Labour Lawyer in Chandigarh can provide adroit legal consultation to both employees as well as employers for all kinds of employment matters. Even though an employee being an educated individual can understand the terms and conditions of employment to some extent, but it is hard for any layman to get out effective result without an expert legal solution from Labour Law Attorney in Chandigarh in case of any legal trouble during employment.

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If your employment place is not in conformity with the labour laws and policies, then you must raise your voice for your privileges as an employee. Just in case, your employer is not adhering to your requests, then it is time to move to a Labour Lawyer near me to get legal advice. Similarly, in the complex business world, timely advice in employment matters by most experienced labour law lawyers can prevent upcoming pressure for the management.


It is rightly said that ignorance of the laws and policies can lead to harassment and exploitation. It is highly advised for employees to know their employment rights, so that they may not become the victim of manipulation by their employers. There are some core factors that must be kept in mind by the employees as well as a person who wishes to be employed someday including rules and regulations for payment of wages, bonus, leaves, gratuity, termination of an employee from the workplace and other employment benefits. Likewise, employers are also required to be updated about their duties and responsibilities towards employees in order to avoid future hassles.


There are some common questions that come into the mind of every employer like what deductions he can make in the salary? How much is the limit for making deductions in the salary? What is the legal time limit for paying salary to the employees? What kind of record he is required to maintain? and on and on. We have vast experience of handling employment matters of various corporate houses like IT companies, construction companies etc.

Our team of best advocates in labour laws advised corporate clients in an employment relationship with employees, drafting of employment agreements, termination of redundant employees, and compliance with diverse labour laws etc. If you are going to start your new business or already in the corporate world, then you are at the right place to seek all kind of legal assistance relating to your business.

What services are being offered by our team of Labour Law Lawyers in Chandigarh?


Is HR Manager a worker as per Industrial Relations Code?

No, employees who are working under the managerial or administrative capacity are not workers under the said code. As per the definition of worker enumerated under the Industrial Relations Code, any person who is involved in any manual, unskilled, skilled, technical, operational, clerical or supervisory work in exchange for wages is called a worker. It may be noted here that employees in a supervisory capacity drawing wages exceeding 18 thousand per month are also out of the ambit of worker’s definition.

Who is an employer as per Industrial Relations Code?

As per the new Code, an employer includes a person or any authority who has ultimate control over the affairs of the establishment, manager or managing director in the case where such authority is with these designated persons, contractor and legal representative of a deceased employer. In the case of a factory, the occupier of the establishment is an employer.

What is the meaning of continuous service as per labour laws?

When an employee provides his/her uninterrupted service for a specified period as given under labour laws, then he/she is said to be called in continuous service. It may be noted here that such interrupted service also includes the reason like sickness, accident, leave, absence from duty without leave, lay off, strike, or a lock-out or cessation of work not due to any fault of the employee which might interrupt the service of the employee.

What is included in the wages as per Code on Wages, 2019?

According to the definition given under the new Code, wages include all the remuneration whether by salaries, allowances or otherwise. So, basic pay, dearness allowance and retaining allowance are covered under the definition of wages. Howbeit, certain allowances don’t come under the wages for example bonus, the value of house accommodation, contribution to any pension and provident fund, conveyance or travelling allowance, house rent, overtime allowance and gratuity amount etc.

On whom the new Code on Wages, 2019 is applicable?

Earlier, the Payment of Wages Act was applicable to the employees who are earning a salary below INR 24,000/- per month. However, the Code does not specify any salary limit; therefore, the provisions related to the payment of wages in the Code will be applicable to all the employees.

Who is eligible for the bonus?

Every employee who is getting a salary as specified by the Govt. through notification will be eligible for the bonus. The second condition to become eligible is that the employee must have worked for at least 30 days in an accounting year.

What is gratuity?

Gratuity is a lump sum amount that your employer pays you when you retire or resign from the establishment. It is paid at the time of superannuation when you retire or resign at any age. In the event of the demise of the employee, the gratuity is paid to the nominees of such a deceased employee. An employee does not contribute any portion of his/her salary towards this amount.

Can an employee claim gratuity even before the completion of 5 years in service?

Yes, an employee as well nominees of the employee can make their claim for gratuity even before completion of 5 years in service under special circumstances. To exemplify, if any employee dies or got disablement during service even if he/she has not completed the prescribed period i.e. 5 years, then such disabled employee or nominees of the deceased employee can claim gratuity.

What is the impact of new labour codes on the pending litigation under the old labour laws?

The new labour codes shall not affect the previous operation of the repealed labour laws. Any legal proceedings which are instituted, continued or enforced under the repealed laws will remain unaffected. In simple terms, it will not have any effect on the pending litigation under the previous labour laws. The operation of the new codes will be prospective in nature. Our team of Labour Law Attorneys in Chandigarh can make more exposition before you according to your queries relating to different labour law issues.