Patent Registration

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Patent Registration

A patent is a statutory right for an invention granted for a limited to the patentee by the government. Once a patent is received for a product, then other are excluded from making, using, selling, and importing the patented product or process for producing that product for those purposes without his consent. An invention relating either to a product or process that is new, capable of industrial application can be patented. A patent is granted for a period of twenty years. To get an invention registered an invention should be novel, inventive and non obvious. he patent system in India is governed by Patent Act, 1970 as amended in 2005 and Patent rules 2003.

Advantages of Patent Registration:

  • The patent registration protects the invention and prevents others from using it without the owner’s permission.
  • Patent registration gives freedom to owner to sell, transfer or franchise the patent and get royalty.
  • The registration is for 20 years which protects the invention for a particular period of time.

Patent registration in Chandigarh is done through Aggarwals & Associates

Patent is registered under Patent Act 1970 and Patent Rules 1972. The Patent registration is done through Aggarwals & Associates in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and other cities and it takes around 10-20 days.

Aggarwals & Associates Patent registration package includes:-

  • Prior Art Search
  • Application drafting
  • Application filing
  • Government fees