File Divorce with the help of Divorce Attorney in Chandigarh

File Divorce with the help of Divorce Attorney in Chandigarh

Going through divorce proceedings is a stressful event as there are many factors that may be related to the divorce proceedings such as child custody, maintenance, and other related issues to marriage.

These factors may create chaos in a person’s life and it is always recommended to hire a Divorce Attorney to get out of this situation. Finding a Divorce Attorney in Chandigarh who will analyze your situation and give proper guidance throughout litigation is not an easy task for laymen. Aggarwals & Associates is one of the top Divorce Attorney in Chandigarh can get you out of this complex situation of divorce proceedings. 

Where to turn?

Once you decided to take divorce from your partner or your partner initiated the same process against you, you may be overwhelmed with all happenings and unsure of where to turn. It also came into mind that how to achieve the possible outcome in court. The answer to this query is that you just need someone on your side during this tough time. And this someone is a divorce attorney who can protect your best interest in the court. Hiring the best Divorce Attorney in Chandigarh like Aggarwals & Associates can be a savior for you in complex matrimonial litigation. It is important for a person facing matrimonial litigation such as mutual/contested divorce, child custody, alimony, and maintenance, etc. to take the assistance of the right divorce attorney so that possible outcomes can be achieved in the court. 

Why you need a divorce attorney?

A divorce attorney can answer your all queries related to legally ending your marriage. With the help of a divorce attorney, you can reduce your anxiety and go through the divorce process faster and hassle-free. You may need a divorce attorney if you are going through the below-enumerated situations:- 

  1. You want legal separation from your partner.
  2. You want to know other available legal remedies instead of divorce. 
  3. You received divorce papers from your partner.
  4. Your spouse has a divorce attorney.
  5. You believe that your partner is spending or hiding joint property for divorce. 

What kind of cases dealt with by Aggarwals & Associates Divorce Attorney in Chandigarh?

We Aggarwals & Associates believe in expanding our services according to the needs of prospective clients. The firm prefers to take a proactive approach to matrimonial and divorce matters for its clients and is committed to responsible dealings. Our team of best Divorce Attorneys in Chandigarh helps clients in diverse marriage issues such as:-

  • Filing and defending mutual consent/contested divorce. 
  • Alimony
  • Interim maintenance
  • Maintenance under Section 125 of Cr. P.C.
  • Child custody
  • Filing and drafting of complaints under the Domestic Violence Act
  • Dowry harassment cases under Section 498-A of IPC
  • Women cell complaints 
  • NRI issues related to marriage
  • Judicial separation 
  • Restitution of conjugal rights 
  • Annulment of marriage  
  • Transfer petitions 
  • Counseling and mediation 

Why people hire us as Divorce Attorney?

Professionalism and impressive reputation:

We offer a unique blend of youth and experience obligated to professional ethics and code of conduct. Our sharp and intellectual team of lawyers keeps the impressive reputation of our firm up by delivering positive outcomes in litigation. 

Transparent dealing:

Our rational approach makes us obligated for transparent dealing with the clients. Our strict adherence to the culture deck and code of conduct makes us different from others. 

Problem-solving attitude: 

The unfettered problem-solving attitude of our team of Divorce Attorneys in Chandigarh leaves no ground for clients for disappointment. We use distinctive strategies in every case so that needs of clients may be fulfilled. 

Honest and fair representation:

We believe in guiding the clients with honest advice instead of making false promises. With our virtuous attitude, we are always keen to perform our duty of fair representation towards clients.