Media and Contempt of Court

Media and Contempt of Court

Before going into details, one must need to understand these basic terms i.e. Media and Contempt of Court.  Media are the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data. The term refers to components of the mass media communications industry, such as print media, publishing,   news media, photography, cinema, broadcasting, digital media, and advertising. Media is essential to our society, serving as a watchdog and holding those in power accountable for their actions. However, the freedom of the press is not absolute and can be restricted in certain circumstances, such as contempt of court.

Contempt of court refers to any act that obstructs or interferes with the administration of justice.

Media and Contempt of Court: What is it?

Contempt of court can be divided into two categories: civil contempt and criminal contempt. Civil contempt refers to disobedience of court orders, while criminal contempt is any act that tends to interfere with the administration of justice. Media can be held in contempt of court if they publish or broadcast anything that tends to prejudice the administration of justice or interfere with the due process of law.

Examples of contempt of court by the media can include publishing details of a defendant’s criminal history or previous convictions before the trial or revealing the identity of a victim or a witness in a sexual assault case. In such cases, the media may not have intended to interfere with the administration of justice, but the impact of their actions can be severe.

Implications of Contempt of Court by the Media

The implications of contempt of court by the media are significant. It can undermine the fairness of a trial, resulting in a mistrial or the acquittal of a guilty defendant. Moreover, it can jeopardize the safety of victims, witnesses, and even judges, who may be targeted for reprisal or intimidation.

Contempt of court by the media can also erode public confidence in the justice system. If the public perceives that the media is influencing the outcome of a trial, they may lose faith in the impartiality and integrity of the courts, which can have long-term consequences for the rule of law.

How to Avoid Contempt of Court

Avoiding contempt of court requires a nuanced understanding of the law and a commitment to ethical journalism. The media should refrain from publishing or broadcasting anything that can prejudice the administration of justice, such as details of a defendant’s criminal history or previous convictions before the trial, or the identity of a victim or a witness in a sexual assault case.

Moreover, the media should respect court orders, such as suppression orders or publication bans, and seek legal advice before publishing or broadcasting anything that may breach these orders. They should also ensure that their reporting is fair, accurate, and balanced and that they give equal weight to the prosecution and the defence.


Media plays a crucial role in our democracy, but that role comes with certain responsibilities. Contempt of court by the media can have severe implications, and journalists must be mindful of the impact of their reporting on the administration of justice. By adhering to ethical standards and the law, the media can ensure that their reporting is fair, accurate, and does not prejudice the outcome of a trial.

-Surbhi Singla

Associate at Aggarwals and Associates, SAS Nagar, Mohali


What Questions Must be Asked to Criminal Lawyers Before Hiring them?

What Questions Must be Asked to Criminal Lawyers Before Hiring them?

It is a crucial factor that which Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh you choose to retain for a legal matter. And of course, you should reach to a conclusion after thoughtful consideration. The best way to choose a Criminal Lawyer by having a face-to-face meeting once you have shortlisted the criminal lawyers after making an online search for them. By going through the in-person meeting you will come to know about things like whether that lawyer has enough experience and qualification to handle your case, and whether you will be comfortable while working with such a lawyer or not, on and on. If you will have a decent working relationship with an attorney, it will play a pivotal role in achieving your desired goal. So, you must raise some important queries before hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh for your case.

How much experience Criminal Lawyer possesses in criminal litigation?

The first and foremost question is to ask is about the experience of the lawyer as it is one of the responsible factors for a positive result in your case. If a lawyer doesn’t have much experience in handling criminal litigation then it is quite obvious that such Criminal Lawyer is not enough competent to handle your case. Although a simple case could be handled by a lawyer having moderate experience, but it is an undeniable factor that there are innumerable technicalities in litigation that could be handled by a lawyer with vast experience only. Litigation is not a game of layman as it involves series of events that are required to be dealt with due diligence.

Is the lawyer has experience of dealing with any case similar to yours?

Naturally, it be must be asked from a Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh so that you could have contentment that you are at the right place. It will be easy for you as well as your attorney if your Criminal Lawyer has already dealt with a similar matter. Previous experience of handling a similar matter can indeed work wonders for the upcoming one. Your lawyer will already have a strategy for this kind of case and know how to get the best-suited result out of it. If your Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh has experience with cases like yours before, then such a lawyer will be able to provide you some guidance especially relating to the remedies and result of litigation as well.

How much is the fee?

Deciding about how much fees you can pay to a lawyer is also a complex situation as numerous people find it an economical hardship. Everyone wants to hire the best lawyer but sometimes higher fees for such a lawyer caused a financial burden for many. So, you should be concerned about the fees of a Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh before hiring that whether you can afford the legal fee or not. However, the legal fee of any Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh is depended upon the nature of the case. If your case is not much complex then you may need to pay fewer fees. Similarly, if your matter involves complexities then the fee could be on the higher side.

What remedies are available?

A person facing any criminal litigation should ask his/her Criminal Defence Lawyer in Chandigarh about the remedies available under the law. It is important to know about legal remedies available under the law so that you can get an idea about solutions for your problems. There are chances that you may be eligible for additional relief according to the circumstances of your case, so in that case, you will be able to get those reliefs by discussing the same with your Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh.

How often will we communicate?

Criminal litigation consists of various stages so it would be better to ask your Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh about the frequency of making contact with each other. As sometimes due to the overburden of cases a lawyer might forget to inform you about your case status. So, it must be cleared in the beginning from the Criminal Lawyer about the frequency of making contact with the clients.

What is the success rate of a Criminal Lawyer?

While every case is unique itself, but a lawyer who has a remarkable record of success in cases would be able to bring the best possible outcome for you.  The success rate of the Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh can describe you about the expertise and skills of a lawyer that you are going to hire for your case.

So, these are few questions you must ask your Criminal Lawyer before appointing for your case. We, Aggarwals & Associates consist of a team of the Best Criminal Lawyers in Chandigarh to handle all kinds of criminal litigation. If you are confronting with any criminal matter then feel free to contact us to get the best possible outcome in your matter.

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Do You Need the Help of a Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh?

Do You Need the Help of a Criminal Lawyer in Chandigarh?

Justice is the main ingredient required in criminal cases. However, in the event of injustice, the legal machinery is set into motion. The only person who can safeguard your rights and provide justice before the court is the criminal lawyer. Aggarwals & Associates is a premier law firm in Chandigarh with tailored criminal lawyers. Our criminal lawyers in Chandigarh can assist you in defending your rights in criminal litigation. It is germane to find a competent criminal lawyer who can provide speedy justice to you. We assure you a high rate of success while representing your case before the court of law. If you are a victim of any persecution then you can turn to us. 

Who can protect your rights?

It is appropriate to say that only a lawyer can protect your best interests. Along with that, a lawyer must be experienced and well conversant with the technicalities of criminal law. Our law firm provides an eminent team of criminal lawyers in Chandigarh who can help you if any injustice has been caused to you or to your close ones. We are able to present or defend your case in an effective manner so that you can avail speedy justice. 

Who is a Criminal Lawyer?

Criminal lawyers are specialized in the defense of an individual or any other entity charged with a criminal offense. They are responsible to protect the legal rights of a person facing such proceedings. Hiring an experienced lawyer plays a phenomenal role during litigation because only a competent lawyer can reduce complexities in your matter. 

Our vision:-

We are being virtuous law firm in Chandigarh that aims to serve our prospective clientele with the best-suited result. We have a team of eminent criminal lawyers in Chandigarh who are able to analyze your case and provide a positive outcome by presenting your case efficiently. The firm strongly believes in professionalism and maintains a higher standard of confidentiality while making deals with clients. 

Our practice areas in criminal litigation:-

We, Aggarwals & Associates are top-notch criminal lawyers and services in all kinds of criminal litigation. We are of the view that the practice area must be expanded so that more and more prospective clients may be served in their litigation.  We offer our services in the following areas of criminal practice:-

  • Regular bail 
  • Anticipatory bail 
  • Suspension of sentence
  • Quashing of FIR/Criminal complaints/PO orders
  • Compromise quashing
  • Criminal writ petition
  • Criminal revision 
  • Criminal appeal
  • Company related criminal cases 
  • Cases related to NDPS Act 
  • Drafting and filing of criminal complaints 
  • Protection of life and liberty 
  • Dowry harassment cases 
  • Cases of Prevention of Corruption Act 

Why turn to us?

Eminent and diligent team: – Our team is a blend of youth and experience who are enough to handle your complex matter. We leave not even a single iota of complaint about your case. The team is highly experienced to give you tailored solutions. 

Transparency and honest advice: – We are obligated for transparency in dealings with clients. We believe in giving honest advice to clients rather than misleading them by making false promises. 

Problem-solving attitude: – Our problem-solving attitude helps clients to reach their goals. Our team members are true problem solvers and capable to understand your case from every aspect to give you the best-suited outcome. 

Strong oratory skills: – Oratory skills play a vital role in litigation. Our team members have good command over oratory skills and able to present your case effectively before the court. 

Professionalism: – We are committed to maintaining professionalism in client-attorney relationships. All the team members are professionals and obligated for fair representation before the court of law.